Find the Best Sunglasses for Boating!
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Find the Best Sunglasses for Boating!

Finding stylish sunglasses that are the best sunglasses for boating can be a challenge if you do not know what to look for. The perfect sunglasses for boating are both protective and perfectly stylized. There are a few things you should consider to be sure you make the right choice.

It can be tempting to go just for the style but remember sunglasses for boating are critical for safety reasons as well. The ideal glasses are going to offer the best of both worlds!

There are a few “rules” that apply to sunglasses like general cosmetic sunglasses are required to block out 70% UVB, general-purpose lenses are required to block 95% of UVB and UVA, sunglasses designated as “special purpose” are required to block 99% of UVB rays.

Know the Terms

Understanding the terminology to describe sunglasses can help you to better understand what is being offered. There are primarily three categories of sunglasses, cosmetic, prescription and safety. In each of these categories, there are sub categories like shatterproof, polarized lenses, and wrap-around sunglasses.

Some of the terms used to describe sunglasses are targeted at defining the style of sunglasses while other terms are targeted at defining the type of lenses used.

Here are some terms you may want to better understand:

  • Polarized lenses are specially treated lenses that can significantly cut down on glare from water and other surfaces. The film on these lenses typically comes in two thicknesses, 0.75 mm and 1.1 mm which can affect the durability of the lense. 1.1 mm lenses are more durable.
  • Polycarbonate shatterproof lenses- polycarbonate is significantly thinner than plastic and also lighter weight and it is impact resistant making it shatterproof. These types of lenses are typically used to deliver 100% protection from UV rays.
  • Safety sunglasses -are protective eyewear that resists impact and shattering while protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Polarized lenses are a favorite for boating. They help to keep the glare down and make the experience more enjoyable. If you have prescription glasses and do not want to have to choose between eye protection and being able to see the world around you clearly, a good option on the boat is prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Affordable Protection

Luckily you can find great sunglasses for boating and other outdoor activities right online. Shop today and find the perfect glasses for the days out on the boat!