One Week for Glasses to Be Made
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Is It Normal to Take Over One Week For Unbreakable Sunglasses to Be Made?

Waiting for your prescription sunglasses or regular glasses to arrive might seem like an eternity, just like any other product you're looking forward to. Perhaps you need them immediately for an important event or trip that's coming up soon. Maybe you're stuck wearing glasses with an old prescription, and you can't wait to be able to see the world in all its clarity once again.

So, Is It Normal for It to Take Over One Week for Unbreakable Sunglasses to Be Made?

Yes, it is completely normal for it to take over one week for unbreakable sunglasses to be made. However, the amount of time it takes to deliver glasses varies from brand to brand. This blog post will cover some basic information that should put your mind at ease or help you determine whether or not it is necessary to contact customer support if it takes more than a week for your glasses to arrive.

Prescription Eyewear Time Duration

When buying new unbreakable sunglasses or prescription eyewear online, the delivery may take anywhere from seven to fourteen business days; however, customers often report that their orders come sooner than expected. If you want your regular glasses or prescription sunglasses online in a hurry, there is a significant possibility that expedited delivery choices may be accessible to you.

Local Vision Store

Local vision stores take anywhere from one to two weeks. When you pick up your glasses in person, your optometrist will have the opportunity to recheck your vision with the new prescription and see if the frame fits you perfectly. Nevertheless, one can never ignore the fact that buying prescription glasses online is convenient, cost-effective, and provides an array of options compared to a vision store.

Doctor's Office

Here, the time duration generally varies from office to office. It might be difficult to estimate an accurate delivery time for medical offices since each site works on its unique terms. However, on average, it takes about one or two weeks, just as it would at a local vision store. A quick phone call is your best bet to confirm the delivery window if you have a certain doctor's office in mind.

Online Retailers

When buying prescription sunglasses online, the standard delivery time is often between one to three weeks, depending on several factors like the types of lenses available, the shipping location, and whether or not the prescription glasses are made in-house or outsourced. The best part? Unlimited frame options, affordability, and convenience of buying from the comfort of your home.

Buy Prescription Eyewear Online with Reks

Now that you know that it is normal to take over one week for glasses to be made, it's time to obtain a prescription and upgrade your old pair of glasses with Reks eyewear. Prescription glasses take up to 10-12 business days, while non-prescription orders can be delivered within 3-5 business days (the US only). For international orders, the shipping time of non-prescription orders may vary by country. For more information about returns and warranties, check our shipping policy.