Resisting The Rays: 4 Of The Best Lenses To Use For High-Mountain Exploration
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Resisting The Rays: 4 Of The Best Lenses To Use For High-Mountain Exploration

Did you know that only an estimated 30% of sunglasses are purchased for protection? The rest are used purely as fashion accessories, especially by those indulgent enough to choose Chanel, Burberry, or Ralph Lauren as their main brand. Despite this trend, there are a number of athletes, outdoor sportsmen, and adventurers that depend on the vital eye protection offered by heavy-duty sunglasses. High-mountain environments are particularly detrimental to the delicate tissues of our eyes, so choosing the right kind of lenses is crucial for the health of your eyes, as well as your overall safety. Let's take a look at four recommended types of sunglass lenses for high-mountain exploration.
  • Alti Arc: This category four lens transmits 7% of visible light. As the only mineral lens on this list, it is highly scratch-resistant; unfortunately, it is also heavier and more fragile than the others.
  • Spectron 4: This category four polycarbonate lens (5%) is light, resistant to damage, and unbreakable. It was specifically designed to offer powerful protection for mountain trekking and mountaineering. However, it is also more prone to scratching than mineral lenses.
  • NXT Cameleon: NXT's REACTIV lenses adapt to changes in light levels, such as when you're moving from shady to sunny spots. The Cameleon is a category two to four photochromic and polarized lens (5% to 20%). These lenses eliminate glare from reflective surfaces in addition to adjusting to ambient light levels.
  • Zebra: These are category two to four photochromatic lenses (7% to 35%). The yellow lens increases light levels and offers excellent depth perception, allowing you to see more without becoming disoriented. Compared to the Cameleon, it is lighter colored and has a wider photochromatic lens.
In addition to these lenses, your choice of frame is extremely important. Unbreakable eyeglass frames are ideal; they will be protected from any major falls or drops, although they should also be wraparound sunglasses. This way, the wind, cold, or snow won't be able to get behind them and obstruct your vision. When it comes to athletic sunglasses, you can't go wrong with unbreakable eyeglass frames and durable, polarized lenses.