Types of Sunglasses You Can Buy Today
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Types of Sunglasses You Can Buy Today

Sunglasses have a few purposes. They protect your eyes from the sun, add some extra fashion to an outfit, and make it easier to see when it's bright outside. However, more and more types of lenses are becoming available that have added purposes you probably hadn't considered if you've never tried them. Take a look at some of the sunglasses that are available today, as well as what they can do for you.

1. Unbreakable and Shatter Resistant Sunglasses

An American loses, breaks, or sits on their pair sunglasses every 14 minutes. This adds up to a large number of broken glasses. Chances are you've broken a pair at least once in your life. This is why you need to know about unbreakable eyeglass frames. They are designed to be more durable and be able to withstand more abuse, so they won't immediately snap when you accidentally drop them or sit on them. There are also shatter resistant sunglasses which have shatter resistant lenses. With the combination of the two you have a pair of glasses that you hopefully won't need to replace for a long time.

2. Safety Sunglasses

If you work outdoors in a job that requires safety glasses, you might have run into a bit of a snag. Maybe your current sunglasses don't protect your eyes well enough or your safety glasses don't block out of the sun. This is where safety sunglasses come into play. You can have the best of both worlds when you're on the job, protecting your eyes against UV rays and debris at the same time. Shatter resistant sunglasses are also a good option in this scenario so that your glasses don't get ruined on the job.

3. Polarized Sunglasses

If you like to go out on the water to fish or enjoy spending time out in the snow, you might have noticed that your sunglasses have a problem with glares. Light reflecting off the water or snow can make wearing glasses a serious pain. That's why polarized lenses were invented. They are created to minimize glares from reflective surfaces and make enjoying the outdoors a little easier.

4. Wraparound Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great, but they can also obstruct your view to some degree. Wraparound sunglasses can help with that, especially in situations where you need a better view such as playing a sport or driving. Their frames are semi-circular and are designed to maximize your field of vision and create a panoramic type of view.

Some sunglasses offer a combination of these different categories. The kind you purchase is going to depend on where you like to wear your glasses and why. If you simply like to block out the sun a bit when you drive you might not need wraparound or safety glasses. However, you still might benefit from the unbreakable frames or polarized lenses. Whatever your situation, there is a pair of sunglasses out there that is perfect for you.