What Qualities Do Golfers Want in Their Sunglasses?
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What Qualities Do Golfers Want in Their Sunglasses?

Golf is known as an extremely challenging sport, and for good reason. It involves incredibly precise maneuvers over vast distances on uneven, unpredictable terrain. In this environment, any advantage is more than welcome. The best sunglasses for golf are wraparound polarized sunglasses that can take the heat of a high-stakes sports environment while providing the best visibility possible. When shopping around for sunglasses for golf, golfers tend to look for these important qualities.


With their roots in the patented Polaroid photography filter from 80 years ago, Polaroid lenses have become extremely popular among golfers. The reason is obvious: Polarized lenses have a dramatic impact on visual clarity in bright conditions. Polarized sunglasses work by via the application of a special coating on the lenses. This coating consists of molecules in parallel alignment which serve to block all photons arriving in a specific orientation. The result is a clear vision with highly reduced glare — an essential feature when trying to get an accurate view of the contours of the golf green.

Shatter resistance

Serious athletes can’t afford to have their equipment break on them out on the field. That is why golfers pick sunglasses that will be able to stand the test of time. High-quality sunglasses for golf, such as those available at Reks Optics, match their unbreakable frames with shatter-resistant lenses made from Trivex, a material which far surpasses polycarbonate lenses in terms of durability. When you invest in proper high-performance sunglasses, you want them to be able to survive the occasional drop.

Scratch resistance

Nothing can ruin a pair of sunglasses like a bad scratch. The aberration stays in your vision, distracting you from your performance — a serious deal-breaker in the realm of golf. That is why golfers choose sunglasses that come with scratch-resistant lenses. Sports are unpredictable and accidents happen, so an anti-scratch coating is an absolute must.

If you are a dedicated golfer, you need sunglasses with a level of quality that matches your commitment. Reks Optics has sunglasses with the durability and added visibility golfers need to play at the top of their game and stay there. Order your pair online today!