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Your Eyes Are Shielded
From Harmful UV Rays

Includes Anti-Reflective Coating

Frames Сovered With
Rubberized Soft Touch® Finish

Available With
Your Prescription

Polarized Sunglasses
Trivex© Golf Sunglasses

Our mission is to provide the highest quality visual experience

All REKS prescription eyewear is manufactured in Essilor of America labs to ensure the highest quality digital lens manufacturing.

We provide Trivex® lens options because they are clearer than polycarbonate, yet still lightweight and shatter resistant.

We include anti-reflective coating on every lens because it improves performance.

Then, we protect your investment by delivering your new lenses in one of our iconic-styled unbreakable frames.

Enjoy great lenses while avoiding costly “oops” moments Be

Be Unbreakable®

Golf Lens

The SLING-BLADE is mission specific. Maximum performance in the precise confines of serious competition. Tinted lenses and unbreakable frame material let you see it through to the end.

High impact resistant lenses treated with hydrophobic, scratch resistant, and anti-reflective coatings designed for the most demanding effort. The intelligent warrior values the all-day fit and comfort.