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enjoy a clearer brighter world

From day one of our journey

we set out to be several shades from ordinary, and way more than a shade better.

To make the world’s first high-quality shatter resistant sunglasses at affordable prices, we bent a few rules, turned accepted ideas about eyewear upside down, and embraced innovation as engine of change.

Because we believe that top-quality fun should be easy: easy on the wallet, easy on the eyes, easy on the care.

That’s not easy to do. But that's exactly why we do it. We source our premium lenses from the largest lens manufacturer in the world. Whether selecting polycarbonate or the extraordinary clarity of trivex, all our shatter-resistant lenses include anti-reflective coating and 100% UV Protection.

We match our lenses with cool iconic frame styles that are bendable, flexible and unbreakable. They can be sat on, twisted, and thrown in a bag with no worries whatsoever. It’s fun taken seriously (or serious fun, if you prefer.)

And we sell these modern marvels of eyewear at a price that won’t make anyone blink.

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durable, precision vision, extraordinary comfort