10 Facts About Sunglasses That Will Brighten Your Day
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10 Facts About Sunglasses That Will Brighten Your Day

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight, and because they can be fashionable. Some people spend big bucks on a pair of shades, while others cycle through the five dollar gas station off-brands. There's no right way to wear sunglasses, and there's certainly no wrong way (unless you wear them upside down, but who knows -- it could catch on). While many people take sunglasses at face-value, there's actually a lot more than what meets the eye. Sunglasses have a long history and have some interesting facts in that history. Here are some of the most fun facts about sunglasses.
    1. Evlis Presley's iconic Madison Square Garden sunglasses were sold on eBay for $250,000, making them the most expensive pair on the site.
    1. An American breaks, sits on, or loses a pair of sunglasses every 14 minutes.
    1. Men's sunglasses sold every 90 seconds on eBay back in 2005.
    1. The Chinese are credited with inventing the first pair of sunglasses in the twelfth century, and they were only worn by the wealthy.
    1. The first pair of polarized sunglasses were created in 1936 when Edwin H. Land combined his skills as a lens crafter and his patented polarized film to make polarized lenses.
    1. Elton John is believed to have the world's largest collection of sunglasses, with a rumored 1,000 plus pairs
    1. The American rock band ZZ Top releases a song in 1980 titled, "Cheap Sunglasses."
    1. The Roman Emperor Nero is said to have watched Gladiator matches through polished emeralds.
  1. The iconic Ray-Ban Aviators were actually made to protect U.S. Air service pilots against the glares and hues of the sky at high elevations.
While these facts are fun and interesting, they don't help you find the right pair of sunnies. If you're like many people, then you probably have more than one pair. You might have sunglasses for boating, or shatter resistant sunglasses for work, or wrap around sunglasses for men. The possibilities are endless and sometimes overwhelming. There's no law that says you can't start your own collection of shades that will someday surpass Sir Elton John's, though. As long as you don't sit on them every 14 minutes. Looking for wrap around sunglasses for men, prescription sports sunglasses, or unbreakable sunglasses? Check us out today for those products and more.