3 Smart Tips to Help You Buy the Best Sunglasses For Driving
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3 Smart Tips to Help You Buy the Best Sunglasses For Driving

It's no secret that sunglasses come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and types, from the lenses to the frames. From cosmetic lenses to prescription lenses, there are countless different types of sunglasses to choose from. And while one of the primary reasons people buy sunglasses is to make driving safer, it's important to buy the best sunglasses for driving to ensure optimized visibility and overall safety. Here are just a few critical tips to keep in mind while you shop for sunglasses for driving.

Consider UV Protection

First and foremost, sufficient UV protection isn't just ideal for improving visibility, it's absolutely necessary, especially in times of extreme brightness during driving. General purpose cosmetic lenses must block 70% of UVB, general purpose glasses must block 95% of UVB and most UVA light. Special purpose must block 99% of UVB. But experts say the most important quality of sunglasses intended for driving is UV protection.

Prioritize Polarization

While polarized sunglasses aren't required to drive safely, they certainly work to improve visibility and overall safety by absorbing the glare that would otherwise obstruct the wearer's view. With polarized sunglasses, you'll be better able to focus on the road. Fortunately, there's a super simple way to determine whether or not the sunglasses you have in mind are polarized -- you just need to put them on and look at your laptop. Here's how the laptop test works: "Put the sunglasses on and slowly tilt your head to the left or right of your smartphone or laptop’s screen (which is usually slightly polarized, too). If the screen appears dark or seems to change color, the lenses are polarized," writes Geico

Remember: Material Matters

Finally, keep the material in mind when shopping for the best sunglasses for driving. Many prefer to shatter resistant sunglasses, which are typically made of plastic. But whether you choose shatter-resistant sunglasses or glass sunglasses, it's always best to keep them safe by keeping them in their case when not in use. Ultimately, different types of sunglasses are intended for different uses, and keeping these tips in mind is the best way to choose a pair of sunglasses that help to optimize safety and visibility behind the wheel. For more information about athletic sunglasses, contact Reks.