3 Tips For Picking Sunglasses For Sports
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3 Tips For Picking Sunglasses For Sports

When you're an athlete, you want to make sure you've got all the best possible equipment to help you succeed in your sport. You might remember your safety gear, or the equipment needed to play the game, but when you're looking for all the best tools to help you out on the field, don't forget about sunglasses. These important accessories can help protect your eyes while you're out there giving it your all. Here are a few tips for picking out the best sunglasses for sports so you can succeed as an athlete.

Prescription Or Not?

One of the easiest questions to answer when shopping for sunglasses for sports is whether you need a prescription or Plano lenses. If you wear glasses or contacts on a regular basis, or even occasionally for certain tasks, you may want to consider picking up prescription sunglasses. These will keep you from having to double up with contacts and sunglasses, making your vision correction more comfortable. Of course, if you don't usually wear contacts or glasses, Plano lenses, or non-prescription lenses, will work just fine.

Sunlight Protection

When picking out sunglasses for sports, you're likely mainly looking for protection from the sun. For the best sunglasses for your particular sport, however, you'll need to get more specific than that. Decide what level of sun protection you're looking for from your sunglasses before you start shopping. General-purpose lenses must block 95% of UVB and most UVA light. Special purpose lenses must block 99% of UVB.

Style And Shape

Lastly, the main thing to consider when shopping for sunglasses for sports and athletic wear is how you want them to look. There are a variety of shapes and styles of sunglasses, each with their own unique look to add to your standard sportswear or athletic uniform. Don't forget to consider how your sport might influence your selection; you want to choose glasses that will stay secure while you're active. For more tips on how to pick out the best sunglasses and to shop for athletic sunglasses, including wraparound sunglasses, contact Reks Optics. Reks Optics can help you find the right sunglasses for your chosen sport to give you the best advantage.