A Message from REKS CEO George Granoff
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A Message from REKS CEO George Granoff

Dear snow lovers, 

This is George Granoff, CEO of REKS. From when I graduated college, skiing has not just been a sport to me, it’s been a way of life. We owned a ski home at Killington, Vermont for 30 years and our children were brought up on the snow.

We made that trip from Boston every weekend during the winter and traveled to mountains out west during school vacations to offer the family some variety. I graduated to heli-skiing and made several trips to Canada to experience that unique untracked powder experience.

Reks Ski Goggles

Each adventure brought with it unique visual challenges that come with less-than-perfect vision on the mountain. Whether it was struggling with glare, fogging, or just flat light, I yearned for a pair of high-quality goggles that would give me crystal-clear vision, allow me to easily change lenses to meet varying light conditions and to include a custom designed prescription insert so I could leave my eyeglasses and associated fogging problems at home.

This consistent challenge inspired me to create the ultimate solution: REKS Ski Goggles. Designed not just for my own adventures but for every skier and snowboarder who’s ever faced similar hurdles on the mountain.


Two spherical lenses included
Color-Boosting Lenses

Two spherical lenses included:

tailored to adapt to varying weather conditions

Color-Boosting Lenses:

Engineered to amplify colors, enhance contrast, and help you clearly distinguish ice from snow.

No Need for Eyeglasses
Quick Lens Changing

No Need for Eyeglasses:

Our prescription inserts seamlessly lock into your ski goggles.

Quick Lens Changing:

Swap out your lenses in seconds thanks to our magnetic technology.

Anti-Fog Technology
Six Lens Colors for All Conditions

Anti-Fog Technology:

Keep your perspective crystal-clear.

Six Lens Colors for All Conditions:

Customize your view for any lighting and weather

UV Protection
Unisex Frame Design

UV Protection:

Shield your eyes from harmful rays.

Unisex Frame Design:

For everyone. Lightweight and sturdy.


Ordering is a breeze!

Choose your lenses, insert type, input your prescription, and get ready to hit the slopes in style.

And remember, all orders come with free shipping.

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Don't miss out!

Got questions or need recommendations?

Feel free to shoot me an email directly at george.granoff@reks.com
I’m here to help!


Wishing you crystal-clear views 
and epic skiing adventures, 

George Granoff CEO, REKS

 Money-Back Guarantee 
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Money-Back Guarantee 
and Free Returns:

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a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
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Free Shipping 
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Free Shipping 
on All Orders

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