Could You Benefit From Investing In Prescription Sunglasses?
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Could You Benefit From Investing In Prescription Sunglasses?

The late Life Magazine, in an article about the growing popularity of sunglasses, estimated that only around 30% of sunglasses were worn to protect the eyes. The rest, like many of the sunglasses sold today, were mainly considered a fashion accessory. There's nothing wrong with looking your best, but now more and more people are investing in sunglasses not only for vision protection, but for vision enhancement. That's right -- prescription sunglasses are the perfect way to combine fashion with function. But before you invest in a pair of prescription sports sunglasses of your own, it's important to know exactly what they offer. Here are just a few reasons to consider investing in your very own pair of affordable prescription sunglasses.

There are countless style options

Many people are quick to assume that there aren't nearly as many frame and style options when it comes to prescription sports sunglasses as opposed to plain sunglasses, but that's far from the case. Since prescription sunglasses are in such high demand, they're now available in countless colors, frames, and styles. This means that even if you prefer designer shades and luxury styles, you're certain to find the perfect frames for you. There is one exception, however: "The styling of prescription sunglass frames is nearly the same as with non-prescription sunglasses. Almost all of the same fashion, designer and celebrity eyewear options apply. Availability is limited when it comes to certain wraparound sunglasses that curve around the head. Prescription sunglasses made with extreme curves typically distort vision," writes Erinn Morgan on AllAboutVision.

They protect your vision in more ways than one

When choosing prescription sunglasses, keep in mind that while general purpose cosmetic lenses must block 70% of UVB rays, general purpose shades must block 95% of UVB and most UVA light. Special purpose glasses, on the other hand, must block 99% of UVB. But as long as you buy a high quality pair of prescription sunglasses, you'll be protecting your vision in two ways: there's the obvious protection from harmful UV rays, but there's also the protection provided by the prescription itself, since it prevents you from squinting or straining your eyes when trying to see obstructions. And, of course, without prescription sunglasses, you won't be able to drive or see clearly while wearing sunglasses, which can be a major hindrance to quality of life. Ultimately, prescription sunglasses are incredibly versatile, and understanding these advantages is the key to determining whether they're a good investment for you. Don't think for a second that prescription sunglasses require you to choose between form and function. For more information about prescription sports sunglasses, contact Reks.