Broke your Sunglasses Again? Here's why REKS is the Answer
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Broke your Sunglasses Again? Here's why REKS is the Answer

Sunglasses are an essential piece of your recreation wardrobe. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or spending a leisurely day at the beach, your eyes need trusted UV protection. Your eyes are delicate, and sunglasses are designed to perform the very important task of protecting them from UV light—but you shouldn’t need to sacrifice style or comfort, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank.

And speaking of breaking…

How many pairs of sunglasses have you bent, broken, or sat on accidentally? And how much money have you had to sink into new pairs to replace the broken ones? It happens. Glasses are typically not constructed from the most durable materials. Run-of-the-mill plastic and glass can bend, break, or shatter—leaving your vision vulnerable to damaging UV rays. There’s no worse sound than the crunch of your broken sunglasses, especially when you need them most. It’s a reality we’ve all experienced, some of us more than we’d like to admit. The merry-go-round of pair upon pair of replacements only further sacrifices quality with each replacement pair.

The struggle is real, and REKS understands.

Luckily, broken sunglasses and cheap replacement pairs are a thing of the past. REKS has combined innovative technology to make truly unbreakable sunglasses—and at an affordable price. While most sunglasses break following the accidental trauma of being sat on or crushed at the bottom of your bag, REKS sunglasses always snap back to their original shape, making them the leading sunglasses on the scene. In fact, REKS are considered the toughest high-quality sunglasses on earth. With frames made of polymer and polycarbonate-engineered lenses, REKS glasses are comfortable, flexible, and 10x more shatter-resistant than other sunglasses on the market. It is their inventive polymer memory that helps frames keep and hold their shape even after extensive bending and twisting. REKS frames are flexible enough to provide extraordinary comfort under a helmet improving weekend joyrides. REKS polarized frames are even finished with our Satin Touch rubberized coating that provides a velvety texture. REKS lenses are not only 10x more shatter resistant, but they are also lightweight and scratch resistant as well. Prescription lenses? REKS has you covered there, too. The REKS design is even engineered to eject the lens forward for enhanced safety, and the specially designed lens groove makes snapping lenses back into place a breeze. Three lens types all with anti-reflective coating complete the package for your best and favorite sunglasses you’ll ever own. REKS sunglasses come in a wide assortment of colors and styles, offering mirrored, polarized, and photochromic styles. Your bendable, flexible, personalized pair will withstand your busy, active life far better than any bargain bin sunglasses you’ve owned in the past. Your eyes will be protected, you’ll kill it in the style department, and you can rest easy knowing your eyewear is truly unbreakable. Blocking 100% of UV rays during outdoor activities has never been more stylish or more bulletproof. Never break another pair of sunglasses and rest easy knowing your eyewear is safe, strong, and unbreakable. Guaranteed!