Can I Get New Sunglasses with an Old Sunglasses Prescription Online?
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Can I Get New Sunglasses with an Old Sunglasses Prescription Online?

If you got your last eye test a few years back, you might be wearing an old prescription that isn't helping your eyesight anymore, causing unnecessary eye strain and difficulty focusing. If so, it's high time you invest in a new pair of prescription sunglasses online. 

So, Can You Get New Glasses with an Old Prescription?

Yes, you can put an old prescription in new glasses, but why wouldn't you update it with a current prescription? This, of course, depends on the circumstances unique to your case. You can use an old prescription without undergoing a new medical evaluation as long as it has not exceeded its expiration date. Depending on the state, most prescriptions are valid for at least one year or longer.

If your eye prescription has already expired, unfortunately, you won't be able to get a new pair of glasses. In case you don’t know, it is actually against the law for anybody to fill a prescription for eyeglasses that have already expired. The best practice is to get an eye test before buying new eyewear, even if you believe your vision has not changed since the last time you got it checked.

Note that your prescription should not drastically change once you reach your early twenties until you develop cataracts in your 60s, 70s, or 80s. There is no such thing as expired prescription glasses; the only factors that might affect them are style, lens scratches, and broken frames. Keep wearing them as long as your vision is clear unless you need to upgrade to a newer frame or set of lenses.

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