Can Prescription Be Obtained from Glasses
Can Prescription Be Obtained from Glasses Prescription Prescription Glasses
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Can Prescription Be Obtained from Glasses?

If you have a pair of glasses that you want to know the number of, you’ve probably searched for terms like, "can Prescription be obtained from glasses." The short answer is yes, the prescription can be read from the lenses in a current pair of glasses; however, you need the assistance of an optician with the right equipment. Read on to learn more about the equipment used to get the job done.

So, How Can Prescription Be Obtained from Glasses?

An Optometrist, ophthalmologist, or optician uses a piece of equipment known as a lensometer to assess the prescription of a current pair of eyeglasses. This includes determining the prescription for a single-vision lens, a progressive lens, a trifocal lens, a bifocal lens, or even lenses with prisms. In addition to checking the accuracy of progressive lenses, the lensometer is also used to mark the lens's center and conduct various other measures essential to the lens's ability to function correctly.

When no lensometer is available, an alternate method for determining an eyeglass prescription is to use a trial lens set, which can be obtained in most optometry and ophthalmology clinics. This method, known as hand neutralization, was used through the previous century until the 1960s and 1970s when professional opticians started using modern technology like the lensometer.

Although determining the lens power from an existing pair of glasses is possible, such lens power cannot be considered a valid lens prescription for new eyewear in certain states. However, despite a legal ban, any lens dispenser can determine the power of a pair of eyeglasses by looking at them. However, it is recommended to follow the rules if such implication applies to the area you live in.

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