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Can prescription lenses be added to sunglasses frames prescription sports sunglasses
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Can Prescription Lenses Be Added To Sunglasses Frames?

If you have a favorite pair of sunglasses lying around and are a prescription glasses wearer, the thought, 'can prescription lenses be added to sunglasses frames' must have come to your mind. The short answer is that prescription lenses can be added to sunglasses frames.

However, a few factors can help us determine if your frame is suitable for prescription lenses. Let's discuss these factors in detail.

Can Prescription Lenses Be Added To Sunglasses Frames?

If you want to add prescription lenses to your sunglasses frames, then your sunglass frame needs to have a lens groove designed to hold an ophthalmic lens. In most cases, this groove must measure around 2MM (about 1/16 of an inch).

Additionally, the frame needs to be in good condition, as we would not recommend putting a prescription in a frame that no longer holds its shape. If the temple parts or nose bridge don't function properly, it is best to let go of the sunglasses and get a new sunglass frame instead.

If you put prescription lenses in sunglasses that may be deteriorating in condition, chances are that the glasses will not be able to serve their function properly, making the whole experience of wearing the glasses uncomfortable for you.

Finally, because higher power entails increased thickness, all lens makers reserve the right to limit the power of a prescription. We can manage prescriptions with an accuracy of + or - 4. Some clients desire +8, which may be approximately 12 inches thick on a curved frame.

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