Consider Style, Features, And Functionality When Choosing Sunglasses
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Consider Style, Features, And Functionality When Choosing Sunglasses

The first mass-produced sunglasses made to protect eyes from the sun's rays were made by Sam Foster in 1929. Sunglasses became popular with actors and actresses of the time because of the bright lights of movie sets and flashes of cameras. There are important reasons to wear sun-blocking eyewear. Ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun is what damages our eyes, and that damage is permanent and cumulative – in other words, irreversible and increasingly worse over a lifetime.

About 75% of adults in the U.S. wear either prescription or plano sunglasses. Prescription glasses correct vision impairment (whether near-sightedness or far-sightedness), while plano sunglasses consist of nonprescription lenses. Both provide the necessary protection against UV rays to prevent damage to our eyes.

While glasses may seem exclusive to those who need a bit of help when it comes to vision correction, sunglasses are an exception. In the U.S., 95.9 million pairs of plano sunglasses were sold in 2012 and sales have continued to grow.

According to an article in Life Magazine, it would seem that only 30% of sunglasses were bought primarily for eye protection. The remaining 70% bought them for aesthetic value. Luckily, whether fashion accessory or preventative measure, sunglasses provide both benefits.

Prescription Sunglasses For Men and Women

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Sunglasses For Sports

Sunglasses may provide more than just eye protection, and styles may range according to the intended use. For example, REKS sport sunglasses tend to be of wrap around styles providing better peripheral vision and protection from the wind. For optimal safety,

REKS only sells shatter-resistant lenses all delivered in lightweight, comfortable, indestructible frames. Polarized lenses are commonly used and are a great option, as they reduce glare from surfaces such as glass, water, and snow.


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