Consider Style, Features, And Functionality When Choosing Sunglasses
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Consider Style, Features, And Functionality When Choosing Sunglasses

For the past 2,000 years, people have been wearing sun-blocking eyewear, and for good reason. Ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun is what damages our eyes, and that damage is permanent and cumulative – in other words, irreversible and increasingly worse over a lifetime.

A whole 75% of adults in the U.S. wear either prescription or plano sunglasses. Prescription glasses correct vision impairment (whether near-sightedness or far-sightedness), while plano glasses consist of nonprescription lenses, without curvature for vision defects (for those who do not require corrective lenses). Both provide the necessary protection against UV rays in prevention of damage to our eyes.

While glasses may seem exclusive to those who need a bit of help when it comes to vision correction, sunglasses are the exception. In the U.S., 95.9 million pairs of plano sunglasses were sold in 2012 – 4.7 million of them through online purchase.

According to an article in Life Magazine, it would seem that only 30% of sunglasses were bought primarily for eye protection. The remaining 70% bought them for aesthetic value. Luckily, whether fashion accessory or preventative measure, sunglasses provide both benefits.

Prescription Sunglasses For Men and Women

Various styles and features are available to men and women for optimal eye protection, aesthetic preference, and safety. However, a fourth factor may come into play when considering what option is best – eye prescription. According to the Vision Council, just over three-fourths of the U.S. adult population requires some form of vision correction. A large percentage of adults may want to consider prescription sunglasses over plano (nonprescription) sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses for men and women should be an option to consider if you seek vision clarity, on top of the other features offered by any particular pair. It would be difficult, perhaps downright eccentric, to place sunglasses over regular glasses, although it is possible to wear a plano in front of contacts. Regardless, at times, sunglasses that also happen to correct vision may be very convenient.

Sunglasses For Sports

Sunglasses may provide more than just eye protection, and styles may range according to the intended use. For example, athletic sunglasses may tend to be wrap around sunglasses. For optimal safety, they may consist of shatter-resistant lenses and indestructible frames. Polarized lenses are commonly used and are a great option, as they reduce glare from surfaces reflecting light that may interfere with vision clarity – ie. surfaces such as glass, water, and snow.

To return to a previously mentioned benefit, amongst optional features, safety and vision correction are not mutually exclusive. Prescription sunglasses for men and women may also be tailored for use as activewear, or for various other desired styles if seeking to make a fashion statement.

There Exist Extensive Options For Sunglasses

In modern-day, stylish sunglasses come in extensive selections of colors, sizes (for adults and children), brands, and styles geared towards both men and women. Furthermore, various features, apart from appearance, may be available in terms of frame design, lens quality, and general durability.

Take time to consider what features you would like in sunglasses – in regards to frame, lens, style, and functionality. There certainly is a pair out there tailored to meet those needs.