Effortlessly Use Your HSA/FSA for Eyewear at REKS
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Effortlessly Use Your HSA/FSA for Eyewear at REKS


HSA/FSA for Eyewear at REKS


Using your HSA/FSA funds at REKS means getting the best in eyewear while making the most of your accounts. From stylish frames to specialized lenses, we have something for everyone. Visit reks.com to explore our collection and invest in your vision today!

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are not just for medical emergencies; they're also a great way to invest in quality eyewear. At REKS, we offer a variety of glasses that you can purchase using your HSA/FSA funds.

  1. Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses:

Whether you're looking for everyday eyeglasses or need prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, REKS has a range of options. Our eyewear meets the eligibility criteria for HSA and FSA, ensuring you can shop for both style and necessity.

  1. Specialty Eyewear:

For the sports enthusiasts, our golf and fishing sunglasses are a hit. Not only do they provide protection and enhanced vision for specific activities, but they can also be purchased using your HSA/FSA funds now with $50 OFF

  1. $50 Off Advanced Options:

Take your eyewear to the next level with our Transitions® and Trivex® Color-Boosting Prescription Glasses. These advanced options offer both comfort and improved visual clarity, making them a smart investment for your vision health.

  1. Ski and Snow Goggles:

Don't forget our ski and snow goggles comes with custom prescription inserts, which are perfect for your winter sports adventures. They offer protection and clarity, and yes, they can be bought using your HSA/FSA funds too.

How to Use Your HSA/FSA:

Making the Purchase:
      • Option 1: Purchase your favorite prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses using your regular debit or credit card.
      • Option 2: Directly use your FSA/HSA card for the purchase.
Receipt and Reimbursement:
    • After placing your order, you'll receive an order receipt via email.
    • Submit this receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement if you used a regular card, or keep it for your FSA/HSA records if you used your FSA/HSA card.

Investing in your vision health is easy and efficient with REKS and your HSA/FSA. Browse our collection at reks.com, select the perfect pair, and follow these simple steps to use your HSA/FSA funds.