Do You Enjoy These Activities? Transition Lenses May Be Perfect For You
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Do You Enjoy These Activities? Transition Lenses May Be Perfect For You

About 75% of U.S. adults wear Rx or Plano sunglasses, so it should come as no surprise that types of sunglasses for sports have been developed for varying needs. Sunglasses for sports and other outdoor activities often come with a range of features, and depending on the activities you enjoy, it helps to understand the lens features that can help you perform at your best. Transition lenses are just one example. If you enjoy any of these activities regularly, transition athletic sunglasses may be perfect for you.


Hiking requires a lot of specialized gear, depending on your skill level. But having the right sunglasses is essential for beginners and pros alike. Transition sunglasses are ideal for longer hikes that exceed several hours. Since the lens shade lightens or darkens depending on the natural lighting conditions, your eyes will always be protected from sunrise to sunset. Plus, you won't have to worry about bringing multiple pairs of shades along with as the light conditions change. "If long bike rides are your thing, opt for anti-fogging lenses and lightweight frames with side ventilation to beat temple-dripping sweat. If you work out at different times each day, quickly interchangeable lenses save you from buying multiple pairs for both high- and low-light conditions. And if you want versatile sunglasses that double for workout and casual wear, there’s an option for you, too," writes Mattie Schuler on Men's Journal.


Even if you don't typically go on longer bike rides, transition shades are ideal because they let the perfect amount of light in. If you're biking toward a dark patch of clouds for one moment and then turn and bike into direct sunlight, your visibility won't be impaired. For those traveling busy streets, this significantly improves safety.


Similarly, jogging requires high visibility as well, especially on busy streets. Wearing transition lenses prevents you from being blinded by the sun's bright rays while protecting your eyes from damage. Ultimately, these are just a few examples of the many sports and outdoor activities that transition lenses can make easier and safer. For more information about athletic or prescription sunglasses for men, contact Reks Optics.