Here's What You Should Know About Buying Sunglasses With Anti-Reflective Coating
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Here's What You Should Know About Buying Sunglasses With Anti-Reflective Coating

Life Magazine, in an article about the growing popularity of sunglasses, estimated that only around 30% of those purchased were worn to protect the beautiful eyes. The rest, like today, were mainly considered a fashion accessory. But there are certain features of stylish sunglasses that make for maximum visibility and functionality, like an anti-reflective coating. Here's what you should know about buying sunglasses that have an anti-reflective coating on their lenses.

Your eyes become more visible.

Yes, sunglasses with the anti-reflective coating make it easier for your eyes to see certain objects -- but they also make it easier for your eyes to be seen themselves. This is particularly beneficial when taking a photograph, or even just trying to have a face to face conversation with someone. Bring out your eyes' true color (instead of just a white glare) by buying a pair with anti-reflective coating.

You won't put as much strain on your eyes.

An anti-reflective coating is designed to let more light pass through the lenses and to your eyes, which helps you to relax and reduce straining. You're likely to notice an instant improvement in comfort and focus after transitioning to sunglasses that have an anti-reflective coating. With long-term use, sunglasses with anti-reflective coating can actually help your vision from deteriorating from straining and sun exposure.

Wearing sunglasses with anti-reflective coating gives you sharper vision.

Finally, wearing sunglasses with an anti-reflective coating can actually increase the sharpness of your vision. As mentioned, the coating lets more light pass through the lenses, which makes it easier for you to see certain objects and views. Not all types of anti-reflective coatings are the same, but for the most part, they have this element in common. General-purpose cosmetic lenses must block 70% of UVB, general-purpose must block 95% of UVB and most UVA light. The special-purpose must block 99% of UVB. Regardless of the type of stylish sunglasses you're looking for, it helps to choose a pair with lenses that will improve visibility using an anti-reflective coating. For more information about durable polarized sunglasses for boating, contact Reks Optics.