The History of Sunglasses: From the 1750s To Today
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The History of Sunglasses: From the 1750s To Today

Nowadays, mens polarized sunglasses are the best you can get on the market. Not only do they reduce glare, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can damage your vision. But how did we get to this advanced level of eye protection? The history of sunglasses stretches back further than most people realize.

In The Beginning

It’s estimated that sun-blocking eyewear has been in use for over 2,000 years, dating back to prehistory with Inuit glasses made from flattened ivory. Roman emperors used to watch gladiators through gems while Chinese courts used crystal sunglasses to hide their facial cues while interrogating witnesses. While these glasses did little to offer protection from UV rays, these methods often reduced glare and made performing tasks outside more efficient.

Protection is Introduced

The 1750s marked the era where tinted lenses first entered the market. Though these tinted spectacles invented by James Ayscough did offer protection, he was more concerned with vision impairments and how he could correct ailments.

The popularity of protective eyewear against the sun’s rays wasn’t widespread until the 1900s when Foster Grant’s were distributed in the beach cities of New Jersey. Many celebrities wore them, either for protective reasons or to limit their recognizability among fans. Another theory claims that movie stars would wear them to protect their eyes from harsh arc lamps used in the film.

Regardless of the reasons behind celebrities adopting sunglasses, they had a significant impact in raising their popularity among fans and beach-goers alike. As the popularity of early sunglasses rose among celebrities, inexpensive, mass-produced options were made available to an eager public.

Origin of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses were introduced in the 1930s by Edwin H. Land. Polarized sunglasses protect your vision from UV rays, reduce glare, and make for a more comfortable outdoor experience. They are also available in an array of different colors and styles, such as aviator-style sunglasses, Lennon-style lenses, and rainbow tints.

Polarized sunglasses can even reflect glare off of non-metal surfaces. This is great for boating and beach-goers since the glare from the water will become practically invisible when you slide on a great pair of unbreakable sport sunglasses.


The best mens polarized sunglasses on the market today are often used for sports, including sunglasses for fishing, sunglasses for golf, and sunglasses for boating. These glasses can have virtually unbreakable eyeglass frames, perfect for outdoor activity. Many are also prescription sunglasses, enabling the wearer to see clearly without the use of prescription glasses. Today, it's never been easier to buy prescription sunglasses and high-quality mens polarized sunglasses.