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Sunglasses were invented for practical and protective reasons, but now they are used primarily as fashion accessories. In fact, in an article about growing popularity of sunglasses, Life Magazine estimated that only around 30% of those purchased were worn for eye protection. The other 70% were purchased for fashion-related purposes.

When it comes to outdoor sports, looking good is one thing, but being able to see properly without hindering your performance is the name of the game.

Imagine playing center field during an afternoon baseball game. The sun is beating down right into your face and a line drive is hit directly toward you. Without quality prescription sunglasses, there is a pretty good chance that ball will fly right past you.

Polarized sunglasses for sports can drastically improve your on-field vision, allowing you to block out the sun’s glare and see the field better. If you’re worried about your shades falling off during play, you can find high-quality polarized wraparound sunglasses that will remain on your face throughout any baseball, soccer, or another outdoor sporting event.

In addition to prescription sunglasses, there are plenty of other essential pieces of equipment for improving your on-field performance in just about any sport.

· Gloves — In the majority of sports, gloves are necessary in order to maximize traction and grip. Gloves can help with football, baseball, even soccer because they not only help with catching, but reduce sweating as well.

· Cleats — Cleats are just as important as any piece of equipment when it comes to sports. You’ll never be able to perform to the best of your ability if you are slipping and falling.

· Notepad — Strategy is involved in every single sport. You won’t need your notebook during the game, at least during play, but it’s great to refer to during your off time. Studying game plans and strategies can help you significantly improve your knowledge of the game and your on-field performance.

If you’re serious about becoming a better athlete, it’s time to start paying attention to what items you need.