Why a Pair of Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing Could be Your Saving Grace Out on the Water
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Why a Pair of Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing Could be Your Saving Grace Out on the Water

Fishing can be more than a hobby for some people; it becomes more or less a way of life — a personal getaway. Fishing isn’t for everybody, but those that fish have a deep appreciation for the sport, and will often outfit themselves as best as possible.

Fishing gear, like many other types of sporting equipment, can get expensive. If you’re willing to drop the big bucks on a different reel for every occasion and more than one pole material, then you’re quite lucky. For those that make do with what they can, they tend to look for any other advantage they might find. 

A pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing can be invaluable to all types of fishermen.

Polarized lenses are derived from the Polaroid when Edwin H. Land began experimenting with lenses and his patented Polaroid filter over 80 years ago. Today, they can be a fisherman’s best asset (besides his pole). Here’s why.

Reduced Glare
Regular sunglasses can be useful when trying to dampen the blinding glare coming off the water, but nothing does so efficiently as a pair of polarized wrap around sunglasses. Before any fishing actually takes place, a good fisherman will survey the water to read the best places he or she might cast. Unfortunately, under the light of the sun, the water becomes a crystalline mirror that reflects light in every which way. Which makes seeing anything near impossible, much less anything under the water or current patterns.

Higher Contrast
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fish in crystal clear waters where the fish are easily seen through the water? Well, with polarized lenses that’s basically what happens. Not only do the lenses help reduce the glare and allow you to see into the water, but they actually increase the color contrast as well. That means a fish will stand out against the river/lake/other body of water bed and the rest of its surroundings.

When deciding which pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing are best for you, consider the color of the lenses. Typically, gray, amber, yellow, and rose are the best choices when it comes to fishing.

  • Gray: Good for basic levels of polarization, but don’t provide any serious contrast or color enhancement.
  • Amber: Offers great color contrast without distorting ambient colors.
  • Yellow: Highest level of color contrast and are great for low-light or foggy conditions.
  • Rose: Good for low-light, with less color contrast than yellow.

When it comes to a good day out on the water, a pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing can be the best thing you bring out there with you.

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