Sunglasses and Sports: A Bright Match
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Sunglasses and Sports: A Bright Match

Summer is here and protecting your eyes is essential, especially when you already have problems with your vision. Luckily, innovations in prescription sunglasses have made this tool a key source of equipment for athletes around the world. Here's how wearing a pair of wraparound polarized sunglasses can improve your game for the following sports.


Golf balls are one of the smallest balls in the sports world and making sure your ball is going in the right direction is essential when you cast your eyes over the landscape. A good pair of polarized athletic sunglasses should be lightweight and offer the best in sun protection. Keep your eye on the ball by incorporating wrap around sunglasses for your favorite sport.


Tennis balls are hard to see, especially when they're moving across the court at what seems like a million miles an hour. For the avid tennis player, keeping track of high lobs can damage your vision if the sun gets in your eyes. Many tennis players actually suffer from mildly blurred vision. Utilizing wraparound polarized sunglasses is the best way to keep your vision safe and healthy in the event your sport requires a lot of rapid tracking eye movements.


Polarized sunglasses are key to minimizing the glare thrown off by the road and passing cars. Unlike tennis or baseball where the majority of your time takes place on a field or court, bicycling introduces you to a range of new environments. Protecting your vision against the variety of glare and sunshine that might hit your eyes is a necessity. Polycarbonate shatter-resistant sunglasses are a great option for cyclers and athletes who might fall or take a spill every once in a while.

Sunglasses for every sport

Many durable polarized sunglasses also double as prescription glasses. This is great for athletes who hate wearing contacts or worry about their regular prescription glasses becoming damaged during their favorite sport. It's reported that over 75% of Americans own a pair of prescription or Plano sunglasses. For your sport, polarized, shatter-resistant sunglasses are a necessity if you're an avid player. Consider calling REKS today to figure out what pair of sunglasses work the best for your sport.