Throwing Shade: Why You Need To Wear Sunglasses While Playing Golf
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Throwing Shade: Why You Need To Wear Sunglasses While Playing Golf

Golf is a gentleman's game. Whether you've just decided to dip your toe into the 562-year-old sport or have been playing for decades, there are plenty of benefits. You get to experience the great outdoors, spend time with old friends (or make new ones), and even get a little tan on. Unfortunately, the sunshine that's so graciously warming your back is also getting into your eyes. Since the eyelid is so thin and delicate, you need extra protection from the afternoon sun. Did you know that humans have been wearing sun-blocking eyewear for about 2,000 years? Though they may not have looked like the fashionable and customizable sunglasses we have today, they did the trick. Ultraviolet light is quite damaging, as even a short period of exposure shows; sunburns are just the tip of the iceberg. Since your eyes are much more sensitive than your skin, it's vital that you protect them with polarized sunglasses for golf. Here are three reasons why.
  • Keratitis: Also known as a corneal sunburn, keratitis is a literal sunburn on your eyeball. While this usually only happens in tanning booths, any excessive exposure to the sun -- such as a game of golf on a day with a level 10 rating on the UV ray index -- can cause such damage. Like a sunburn, it will most likely heal on its own, but it'll be extraordinarily painful.

  • Cataracts: In order to play golf successfully, you need to see where you're aiming for. Constant UV exposure and damage can lead to the development of cataracts, which are the most common cause of treatable blindness in the world. They need to be surgically removed, so don't take the risk, both on your game and your eyesight.

  • Cancer: UVA and UVB rays carry radiation that, in large amounts can lead to cancer. Though eye cancer (intraocular melanoma) is exceptionally rare, it is possible to develop eyelid cancer in the same way you would skin cancer.
With so many different high-quality and stylish sunglasses available for you to choose from, there's really no reason not to wear a pair on the green. Best of all, many companies offer replacement lenses for sunglasses should something happen to them. Instead of squinting into the distance, get some lenses for sunglasses and be proud to wear them; your game and your health will thank you.