Unveiling the Marvel of Trivex: The Ultimate Eyewear Innovation
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Unveiling the Marvel of Trivex: The Ultimate Eyewear Innovation

Greetings from Steve Gilletly, a REKS optician with over 15 years of experience. Throughout my career, I've witnessed various eyewear innovations, but none quite as remarkable as Trivex. Let me take you on a journey to discover this groundbreaking material that has redefined eyewear quality and performance.


Trivex Military


The Birth of Trivex: Picture yourself in a fighter jet, soaring through the skies. The visual demands in such scenarios are immense – crystal clarity, shatter resistance, and protection from the sun's harmful rays are paramount. Trivex, originally designed for military aircraft pilots, was born in this demanding setting. It promises optimal clarity while exhibiting resilience against impacts, extreme temperatures, and harsh chemicals.

Beyond High-Flying Adventures: Today, Trivex transcends its origins in high-flying adventures. It stands as the premium shatter-resistant lens material, surpassing the industry-standard polycarbonate. When considering prescription eyewear, Trivex consistently emerges as the premium choice. So, why aren't more sunglass companies offering Trivex sunglasses? The common assumption might be cost, but REKS took a different approach. We collaborated with Essilor, the world's largest lens manufacturer, and created our proprietary line of Trivex sun lenses, all while keeping them affordable for our customers.

Trivex Color Boosting® Lenses: Through our partnership with Essilor, we developed eight Trivex Color Boosting® lenses, each meticulously crafted to enhance specific sports experiences. Let's take our golf sunglasses as an example – we carefully selected a rose amber lens tint to provide maximum contrast and improved depth perception on the greens. With a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of 30%, these lighter lenses allow more light into your eyes, ensuring optimal performance in various lighting conditions. Combining these features with Trivex Color Boosting material, which offers superior optical clarity and enhanced color perception, results in what we believe is the best golf lens available.

Enhancing Your Golf Experience: Our mission is to elevate your golfing experience by making greens appear more vibrant, enhancing depth perception, and potentially improving your game by a few strokes.

Special Offers: Right now, we have a fantastic offer on all eight Trivex sunglasses. Our hallmark golf sunglasses, typically priced at $75, are now available for just $50. If you're looking for Polarized Trivex Color Boosting® sunglasses, regularly priced at $95, they're now on sale for $70.

But that's not all – we're extending this offer to all our prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses featuring Trivex Lenses, with a generous 30% discount.

Experience the difference with Trivex – the ultimate eyewear innovation that delivers clarity, durability, and style. Don't miss out on these spooktacular deals! 🕶️

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