Consult a Doctor When Buying Glasses
Prescription Sunglasses Online Should I Consult a Doctor When Buying Prescription Sunglasses Online
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Should I Consult a Doctor When Buying Prescription Sunglasses Online?

When it comes to corrective and preventative vision solutions, choosing the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses is vital since it helps to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, obtain clear vision, and shield against glare and digital eye strain. Considering that all prescription eyewear, whether regular glasses or sunglasses, needs a proper prescription lens, you may wonder if you should consult a doctor before buying a new pair. Well, it depends.

So, Should You Consult a Doctor When Buying Prescription Sunglasses Online?

If your eyes are healthy as a newborn and don't need any prescription for clear vision, there's no need to consult a doctor. However, if you have impaired vision, it is crucial to have an updated prescription (not older than two years). If you end up buying sunglasses with an outdated prescription, it may result in severe headaches and even cause your vision to deteriorate over the long run.

Why An Updated Sunglasses Prescription Matters

As we age, our eyes' shape changes, and a prescription that was valid years ago may no longer guarantee clear vision. Additionally, you may be unaware of how your eyesight has worsened since the previous eye examination. When you put on brand-new sunglasses for the first time with an accurate and up-to-date prescription, it automatically enhances the quality of your vision.

How Long Does Eyewear Prescription Last?

Usually between one and two years; however, we strongly advise you to verify the date. If you're at a greater risk of vision alterations than an average person, the expiry date on your prescription may be one year rather than two after your most recent checkup. It is important to note that, as stated by the Federal Trade Commission, the expiration date differs greatly from state to state.

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