REKS™ Optics Launches Innovative Sunglasses Line,  Transforming How the World Sees
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REKS™ Optics Launches Innovative Sunglasses Line, Transforming How the World Sees

REKS™ Optics introduces the world’s first super high-quality sunglasses for men and women at affordable prices. With six unbreakable classic frame styles offered with a broad array of proprietary highest grade shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses and performance coatings only found in the most expensive eyewear, REKS™ Optics has bent the rules and has created a new benchmark in form, function and affordability.

Priced from $30-$60, REKS™ Optics sunglasses can be purchased at Priced to be collected and designed to outlast every adventure, REKS™ Optics takes the angst out of enjoying high quality sunglasses for fear of them breaking. The sunglass industry finally has a bold new player that changes the game in terms of quality, price, features, performance and style.

REKS™ Optics has perfected the highest grade polycarbonate for superior optical quality. Shatter-resistant, lightweight, and offering 100% UV 400 protection, these lenses are coupled with innovative unbreakable frames, making for the ultimate pair of sunglasses for any occasion. It’s fun taken seriously. REKS™ Optics offers unique and signature sunglasses with the following features:
  • Innovative, stylish and fashion-forward
  • Ultra-lightweight hardware and materials for superior comfort
  • Unbreakable frames designed to stand up to extensive wear and tear
  • REKS™ Optics are available in Satin Touch™ (smooth, rubberized feel), gloss and matte finish
  • Highest grade polycarbonate lenses for superior optical quality
  • Lightweight shatter-resistant lenses offering 100% UV 400 protection
Explosive New Player
Reks™ Optics Round with polycarbonate polarized lens – $50.00

"We have rewritten the book on frames and lenses in way that will transform the sunglass industry,” said REKS™ Optics founder and CEO George Granoff. “The cost of good quality sunglasses has made fine optical products out of reach for many. REKS™ Optics has brought together innovative frame technology and superior lens manufacturing to offer best-in-class optics at affordable prices.”

“People want high quality eyewear without having to spend $200+ and be able to eliminate the fear of frames breaking or lenses shattering when eyewear is sat on or dropped,” Granoff explained. “They want eyewear that performs, gives them fabulous protection, great visual experiences and complete comfort. We’ve given consumers all those things at incredible prices. REKS™ Optics is here to invigorate the industry with fresh ideas that provide quality, durability, style and accessible pricing. REKS™ Optics is the bold, smart alternative for the sunglass enthusiast.”

A New Way to See the World

REKS™ Optics offers three proprietary lenses specifically designed to increase performance and endurance for the thrill seeker, sports enthusiast and fashion conscious consumer. The broad range of colors and coatings REKS™ Optics offers in its lenses and frames are designed to make REKS™ Optics a must-have for style enthusiasts who care deeply about excellent optical experiences and accessories that enhance personal style.

Solux™ – These polycarbonate shatter-resistant lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and include anti-scratch, hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings. Available in eight fashion forward shades including smoke, brown and green as well as mirrored red, blue, green, purple and gold, this 100% UV 400 protection lens is perfect for situations where polarization is not desirable. (The Solux™ lens is available in two frame styles in an array of colors with an MSRP of $30.)

Lumolux™ – These polarized lenses reduce irritating reflections and eliminate glare caused by light reflected from water, road, sand or snow, absorbing 100% UV 400 light rays and eliminating 99% of glare. Available in smoke, brown and amber, multi-coated red and blue mirror, and mirrored gold and silver, the Lumolux™ lens family provides fully polarized coverage. This guarantees that while wearing REKS™ Optics polarized eyewear, athletes, drivers and outdoor enthusiasts are protected as a result of polarized film embedded into the lens. Additionally, REKS™ Optics Lumolux™ has anti-scratch and hydrophobic coatings on the front of the lens and an anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens to further eliminate glare and improve performance. (The Lumolux™ lens is available in four frame styles with a broad assortment of frame colors all with an MSRP of $50.)

Chromalux™ – This 100% UV 400 protection photochromic lens darkens in the sun and lightens in the shade, continuously adjusting to changing light conditions, creating the perfect transitioning tint for any lighting situation. Our Chromalux™ lens is available in smoke, brown and amber and has a visible light transmission range between 16%-48% providing a range between true sunglass and a light tint. (The Chromalux™ lens is available in two frame styles in a choice of colors with an MSRP of $60.) All sunglass frames utilizing either the Lumolux™ or Chromalux™ lenses are treated with REKS™ Optics Satin Touch™ finish which provides a smooth “rubberized” feel and adds extra comfort and performance.

About REKS™ Optics

Founded in 2015, REKS™ Optics is a performance and fashion sunglass brand that emphasizes high quality polycarbonate lenses with iconic, classic frames in a range of colors and finishes. With in-house designed unbreakable frames and lenses that are shatter-resistant, lightweight and offer 100% UV 400 protection, REKS™ Optics eyewear is suited to the consumer who demands flexible and unbreakable sunglasses that provide comfort and stability in all conditions at affordable prices. REKS™ Optics offers three different lenses and six frame styles, creating a collectible line of eyewear to suit every sport, style and mood.

See the world through superior optical quality with REKS™ Optics. Your journey starts here. Visit to learn more. BE UNBREAKABLE.